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New Product

Jishan printing and dyeing in Jishan group is a new production management system of the transformation and upgrading of industry to traditional industries. It consists of zhejiang Jishan extra width mountain printing co., LTD., and zhejiang Jishan printing and dyeing co., LTD., which are professional engaged in The production and business operation entity of Textile dyeing and finishing technology. Such as textile dyeing, textile printing, and functional arrangement.
         The company has introduced from abroad with the international advanced level in the extra width printing production line article of 10, the picture printed line of ten, overflow dyeing machine of 50 platform, the company extra width scale of production capacity in the forefront of the industry.
         The company uses the contemporary production equipment of,international advanced level. The staff education training pays special attention to be solved, quality management and quality assurance system through the ISO9001:2008 international standard authentication, the production line adopts the whole ERP information system management, the product conforms to the requirements of the ecological textile production technologies
         The company has provincial product research and development center, in the product development innovation and printing and dyeing quality assurance aspects of its own, , absorption and innovation in textile new material and new technology and new process, new equipment for digestion performance distinguished, with product patent 21 items.


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