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New Product
In accordance with ISO9001:2008 or ISO14000:2008 standards, our company has established a complete quality control and quality assurance from product designing, raw materials procurement a result-oriented assessment mechanism. This not only ensures that unqualified raw materials are not used in our processing, products at various stages which are not in accordance to stipulations are not channeled to the next stage of processing and that the quality of products are improved through such control measures. Meanwhile through adopt ERP system to enhance our processing control and information collection. We also value any information feedback from our employees and customers and practice prompt adjustment to the relevant factors such as technology parameters and improving operation methods so as to improve our finished product quality. Our company is one of DuPonts Lycra Assured Accredited Mills.

Our core products, T/R fabrics, spandex fabrics cotton and linen fabrics are keeping the Oeko-Tex100 standard and have achieved GB/T18885-2002 environmental safety requirement.

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